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Page titles are never refreshed in places


(Toolkit :: Places, defect)

Not set





(Reporter: glandium, Unassigned)


Months ago, I cleaned up my profile and started afresh. I went to a site I visit frequently, but it was in maintenance mode. Fast forward to now, when I start typing the site address in the url bar, the awesomebar suggestions show me that old maintenance mode title.

I meant to file that a long time ago, but somehow left it alone, until today, when I got reminded of the problem by having it on a Fennec native UI build (which is interesting, since Fennec doesn't use places).
AFAIK, titles are updated on visit, so this likely happens only the first time before a new visit.
Unfortunately we can't detect if a page is in maintenance, provided it return a normal 200 mode.
And I don't think privacy would appreciate background visits (an add-on could do that though).

In general I'm not sure this has enough info to do anything, if it's still reproducible and there are ideas on how to solve it, I'm happy to reopen and evaluate.
Closed: 4 years ago
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