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Cannot see some mails correctly after Bug 402392


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Not sure how to report it but after Bug 402392 was landed I have a problem with newly received mails in my mailbox. Many times I see something like on the screenshot which is attached. When I repaire folder via GUI function all works fine. Later I have the same problem with newly received mails.

I know this is very vague report. Not sure which info is useful in this situation.
Do you have message quarantining turned on or off (In options/preferences, security, anti-virus, is the box that says "allow anti-virus programs to quarantine..." checked?
Also, do you have the junk mail controls turned on, and do you ever receive junk mail around the time this bug happens?
OK, I've had this happen to me - what's odd is that the message looks fine. The offset into the folder looks fine, the message size looks fine, the data we pass to libmime looks OK, but we must be off by a byte or something somewhere.
OK, yes, that's what it is - we're off by two bytes, so there's a CRLF before the From delimiter. Not sure what's getting the offset wrong by two bytes; perhaps the stream hasn't been flushed, so we get the wrong offset into the file.
Isn't this the same as bug 713611?
I saw this bug also after compacting one of my folders. A mail that was previously shown right was corrupted after the folder was compacted.
yes, I believe it's the same.
Closed: 8 years ago
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Duplicate of bug: 713611
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