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Need a way to access components of -moz-image-rect values from script


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Steps to reproduce:

Style: <div style="background-image:-moz-image-rect(url(firefox.jpg), 0%, 50%, 50%, 0%);">test</div>

getComputedStyle(element).getPropertyCSSValue("background-image") returns CSSPrimitiveValue with type CSS_STRING and value "-moz-image-rect(url(firefox.jpg), 0%, 50%, 50%, 0%)", which needs to be further parsed

Expected results:

Expected: return CSSValue with type CSS_CUSTOM (possibly), which gives additional tools. For example CSSCustomValue.subType = CSS_FUNCTION, CSSCustomValue.args = CSSValueList etc.
Component: DOM: Mozilla Extensions → DOM: CSS Object Model
QA Contact: general → style-system
I would rather not make unilateral spec extensions here; please make proposals for how this stuff should work to the CSSOM spec maintainer?

At the moment, the CSSOM spec has no getPropertyCSSValue at all, for what it's worth.  It may be better to remove it and do the sorts of object model stuff people have been talking about for years than making the terrible CSSValue interface limp along.
Summary: -moz-image-rect doesn't produce reasonable CSSValue → -moz-image-rect is not scriptable
I was not really meaning to propose something specific. I only wish to have an interface which would allow direct access to the arguments of -moz-image-rect.
Summary: -moz-image-rect is not scriptable → Need a way to access components of -moz-image-rect values from script
OS: Solaris → All
Hardware: x86 → All
I am confirming this bug, since I recommended it be filed in the first place, and agree that it should be fixed somehow (and at sometime in the future).

bz: Since this sounds more and more like a non-trivial fix--to say the least, I think we should consider making changes to the CSSOM spec, but I don't know how we would start going about that or who we should CC on this bug to start discussing that--or if there is a better forum for this discussion altogether.  Any suggestions?  The only name I can come up with so far on the W3C page for CCSOM is Anne van Kesterel at Opera.
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The right place for CSSOM discussion is probably
Okay, when I have more time, I will draft something and send it off to them.

Maxim: you're welcome to start the discussion before me if I don't get around to it (which is sadly likely).  If you do, just put the w3c mailing archive link ( from here ) in a comment for this bug so all of us can track the discussion: I will do the same if I get around to it first.

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