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[ICS] Menu Button Highlight needs improvement


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Highlight for the menu button should extend / fill the black background of the tab # button area.
Priority: -- → P3
Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 11
From what I last saw, the menu button highlight cannot be changed in honeycomb/ICS. Only the menu items can have a different styling on ICS. I'll try changing the highlight again though.
Assignee: nobody → sriram
I finally found a way (yaayyy! :D) to change both the menu button and its background. This makes us shrink the menu button and apply a different "press" color for the menu button. I would like to have UI mockups to proceed further.

Preliminary tests : sorry for poor red color ;)
The idea now would be that the tail will be menu's background, and the black color will be replaced with our own highlight color (say orange) on pressing.
Keywords: uiwanted
Attached image Image: Needed resource
I've uploaded an image describing what is needed for the "pressed" state of menu_button. Please check with Ian for the specifications of the size of the menu button in landscape and portrait modes.
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Are we moving to "one orange color" for all highlights? This can be done with that.
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Soft blocking nom?

Looks like we have all the UI spec here, but need some help implementing it.
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Note: We decided to keepusing the normal highlight color for now. This can be changed later, if needed.
The Menu button having a highlight color to follow the curve can be done using styles (and styles only) in Honeycomb+. What that translates to is:
The menu button can have orange highlight, (or any other color highlight) as a StateListDrawable. This will make sure to show the required colors on pressing it.
However, we use a hacked of version of this state-list as GeckoStateListDrawable. This helps us in using the system color. This GeckoStateListDrawable cannot be used with styles. Hence, we cannot use system color highlight with Menu button.
Let's just make it the highlight a generic grey then, until we make the bigger change to orange as in bug 715223. A grey highlight that follows the curve shape is still better than a native blue one that looks like a randomly drawn box.

Sriram, try filling that area with #575E66, it's a grey that goes well with the tab shape.
Myself and Ian played around with different sets of resources. Here are our findings:
* The menu button cannot be reloaded on rotation. What that means is - the curve cannot be as a part of menu button, but as a part of the background as it is now.
* The menu button cannot have any curved shape because of the above comment.
* The menu button can have different states -- for normal and pressed -- where the pressed state will just have a gradient, that will be applied without "affecting" the curved part on both the orientations.

Our tries with a glow-style gradient didn't give convincing results. Also, this is going to change with the new tablet UI (where we will have custom menu and menu button). So, I feel it doesnt make sense to invest more time on perfect the gradient for the menu button right now.

Also, this issue will be seen *only* in Google Nexus running ICS -- which doesn't have a menu button. I haven't seen any ICS ready phone hitting the market in the recent past or near future.
yeah, let's come back to this after 1.0. I don't think we have a solution that will look good that won't take a fair amount of additional time to implement.
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This has been changed to our own custom menu and custom menu button.
Closed: 8 years ago
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