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Remove incomplete add/edit image map code from editor

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Thunderbird 12.0
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The fix

There's a bunch of code in editor/ui for adding/editing image maps.

I came across this whilst working on bug 700808 - the strings for the buttons are in non-suite specific ifdef, but the partial image map UI strings are in a suite specific ifdef.

I think we should just remove this code for now. Its obvious it doesn't work, and if we want to make it work later we can always pull it out of history. This also gives about 56 strings less for localisers to translate.

I have left the remove image map button in - afaict that would work.
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6 years ago
There is also a couple of css files in each of the suite themes, also referenced in an inspector test, that could probably be removed but that could be in a follow up:

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6 years ago
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The fix

Yeah, the code is ancient and nowhere near working, so...
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The fix v2

Removes the css files as well. As far as I can tell Inspector doesn't actually use allskin.xul, so I'm going to file a bug about changing it or removing it.

The images referenced in the css files don't seem to exist either.
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6 years ago
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The fix v2

r=me and thanks
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