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Failed to Pair a another Device


(Firefox for Android Graveyard :: Android Sync, defect, P2)




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(Reporter: tchung, Assigned: liuche)


When trying to pair another device from your phone, it will fail.  My jpake code is correct, but pairing doesnt work.

01-12 20:58:38.395: DEBUG/JPakeRequest(10314): new URI:
01-12 20:58:38.455: INFO/ALSAModule(2579): Initialized ALSA PLAYBACK device hifi
01-12 20:58:38.455: WARN/AudioFlinger(2579): write blocked for 85 msecs, 32 delayed writes, thread 0x5e758
01-12 20:58:38.685: INFO/AudioFlinger(2579): stop output streamType (0, 1) for 1
01-12 20:58:38.685: DEBUG/AudioHardwareYamaha(2579): AudioStreamOut::setParameters(keyValuePairs="stop_output_streamtype=1")
01-12 20:58:39.395: INFO/BaseResource(10314): HTTP GET
01-12 20:58:39.400: DEBUG/class ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient(10314): Stale connection check
01-12 20:58:39.400: DEBUG/class ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.impl.client.DefaultHttpClient(10314): Stale connection detected
01-12 20:58:39.405: DEBUG/class ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.impl.conn.DefaultClientConnection(10314): Connection closed
01-12 20:58:39.740: DEBUG/dalvikvm(10314): GC_CONCURRENT freed 715K, 60% free 4166K/10375K, external 1183K/1525K, paused 11ms+5ms
01-12 20:58:39.925: DEBUG/class ch.boye.httpclientandroidlib.client.protocol.RequestAuthCache(10314): Auth cache not set in the context
01-12 20:58:40.030: INFO/BaseResource(10314): Response: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
01-12 20:58:40.030: ERROR/JPakeClient(10314): No data found in channel.
01-12 20:58:40.030: DEBUG/JPakeClient(10314): aborting...
01-12 20:58:40.030: DEBUG/JPakeClient(10314): jpake.error.nodata
01-12 20:58:40.030: DEBUG/SetupSync(10314): Checking internet connectivity.
01-12 20:58:40.040: DEBUG/SetupSync(10314): Internet connected.
01-12 20:58:40.755: INFO/ALSAModule(2579): Terminated ALSA PLAYBACK device hifi
01-12 20:58:41.175: ERROR/yamaha::media::Parameters(2579): SalesCode = XEU
01-12 20:58:42.680: DEBUG/dalvikvm(3229): GC_EXPLICIT freed <1K, 53% free 2582K/5379K, external 0K/0K, paused 90ms
01-12 20:58:43.850: DEBUG/PowerManagerService(2695): onSensorChanged: light value: 100

1) install 1-11-2011 Android sync build
2) setup sync on the device
3) have a second device or firefox build ready to pair 
4) select "Pair a device" and punch in the jpake code offered by the other device
5) Verify pairing fails.

- pairing a device is successful after entering in the jpake code

- failed to pair a sync
Yup, I can repro this.
Assignee: nobody → liuche
Priority: -- → P2
So, I setup sync using pair device, slightly differently

1) Select pair device on desktop
2) get 3x4 code from ANS
3) while mobile client is waiting for other device, setup sync as prompted on desktop
4) setup completes successfully as expected.
I was missing a header in key verification step for pairing, so the client did not wait for the other device's new message, and used a stale message instead.
tracking-fennec: --- → ?
Depends on: 718703
No longer depends on: 718703
tracking-fennec: ? → +
Closed: 13 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Pair a device works as expected, verified fixed.
Build: Firefox 14.0a1(2012-03-27)
Device: LG Optimus 2X (Android 2.2)
Product: Mozilla Services → Android Background Services
Product: Android Background Services → Firefox for Android
Product: Firefox for Android → Firefox for Android Graveyard
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