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nsHTMLDocumentSH::CallToGetPropMapper uses JS_GetStringCharsAndLength but does not anchor the result


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Not set





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Obtaining a jschar* result direct can be dangerous, because the JS engine's stack scanner does not know the string is still in use. The result should be stored in a JS::Anchor to ensure safety.
It compiles and launches, but are there any tests I should run?
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Anchor string in nsHTMLDocumentSH::CallToGetPropMapper

Review of attachment 663669 [details] [diff] [review]:

No, this is something that requires great luck to be able to test. Thanks for doing this!
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Actually this should get a proper r=jorendorff line on the commit message before it's checked in :P
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Update the commit message, no other changes.

Could you please set the checkin-needed keyword again?  I am unable to do so.
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This one has unix-style newlines.  

Am I correct in assuming that it matters?
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Thanks! You've also now got the ability to do things like set flags; enjoy.
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And backed out for build bustage. Did this even compile locally?

../../../../dom/base/nsDOMClassInfo.cpp:9176:37: error: expected ';' at end of declaration
  JS::Anchor<JSString *> anchor(str)
1 error generated.
make[7]: *** [nsDOMClassInfo.o] Error 1
I sincerely apologise for this.

What I submitted was an earlier iteration.  I had neglected to refresh the patch after correcting that bug.

I'll upload a updated patch when I can verify that it builds locally.   Once I have done so, are there any additional procedures/reviews that need to be performed?

Once again, my apologies.  It won't happen again.
I'd like to see a green Try run before pushing it again. I can push it if nobody else beats me to it.
This one is definitely up to date and compiles locally.

Would you mind doing the try run?  I don't think I have the required permissions.
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Looks good, thanks :). It's in my landing queue.
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