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Create system to test the add-ons compatible by default feature


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This is a tracking bug for all the work necessary to deliver the following feature:

Any missing feature will be implemented in a dependent bug. Feel free to add those to the list.

Clint is driving the project but I will take ownership of this bug, because the automation services group know all the details how to get it implemented.
Depends on: 718404
Depends on: 718406
Depends on: 718416
Depends on: 718496
Depends on: 718526
Depends on: 668063, 668064
Depends on: 718660
Something I have seen today is, that we will not be able to test final releases of Firefox 9, 8, ... Reason is that on the release channel no update snippets for beta builds exist. That said if we want to test upgrades to Firefox 10 beta we will have to use the latest beta build for any former Firefox release. Those will be mostly code-equivalent. The only downside will be the ESR and a version like 10.0.1 which will *not* have a beta release. One option to fix it would be to fake the buildid by setting 'app.update.url.override'. But that's way far from being elegant. Lets figure that out later.
Depends on: 722707
Depends on: 735184
Everything we can do we have done now. Further improvements should be filed as follow-up bugs.

Anthony, for the procedure of upcoming DTC tests please follow the execution guidelines as listed here:
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