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Draw filled and stroked SVG text in a single Draw call


(Core :: Layout: Text and Fonts, enhancement)

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Makes more sense in the context of bug 719286
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This looks pretty good. Just fix those nits.

::: layout/svg/base/src/nsSVGGlyphFrame.cpp
@@ +878,5 @@
>    return baselineAppUnits * aMetricsScale;
>  }
> +gfxFont::DrawMode
> +nsSVGGlyphFrame::SetupCairoState(gfxContext* context, nsRefPtr<gfxPattern> &strokePattern) {

make this nsRefPtr<gfxPattern>* to make it clearer in the caller that this is an out-parameter.

@@ +886,5 @@
> +  if (HasStroke()) {
> +    gfxContextMatrixAutoSaveRestore matrixRestore(context);
> +    context->IdentityMatrix();
> +
> +    toDraw = (gfxFont::DrawMode)(toDraw | gfxFont::GLYPH_STROKE);

Use a constructor style cast here and elsewhere. It's a little more readable. DrawMode(toDraw | gfxFont::GLYPH_STROKE).

Introduce "typedef gfxFont::DrawMode DrawMode;" on nsSVGGlyphFrame to avoid having to prefix stuff.

@@ +889,5 @@
> +
> +    toDraw = (gfxFont::DrawMode)(toDraw | gfxFont::GLYPH_STROKE);
> +
> +    SetupCairoStrokeHitGeometry(context);
> +    float opacity = MaybeOptimizeOpacity(style->mStrokeOpacity);

nsSVGUtils::CanOptimizeOpacity always returns false for glyph frames, so you can just use mStrokeOpacity without calling MaybeOptimizeOpacity.

::: layout/svg/base/src/nsSVGUtils.cpp
@@ +1525,5 @@
> +
> +/* static */ void
> +nsSVGUtils::GetFallbackOrPaintColor(gfxContext *aContext, nsStyleContext *aStyleContext,
> +                                    nsStyleSVGPaint nsStyleSVG::*aFillOrStroke,
> +                                    float &aOpacity, nscolor &color)

Make these out-parameters pointers so we can see in the caller that they are.
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Which patch should I review? :-)
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Attachment #592866 - Flags: review?(roc)
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Are you planning to use GetFallbackOrPaintColor outside of nsSVGGeometryFrame or its subclasses in some other bug? Is that why you moved the code into nsSVGUtils?
I suppose we could have added it as a static method to nsSVGGeometryFrame, but it doesn't matter much, does it?
Not really, no. It's just that nsSVGUtils is rather a dumping ground.
All the Utils classes are dumping grounds. That's what they're for :-).

(IMHO a "dumping ground" is better than the alternatives of a) duplicating code or b) putting helper functions into some place that happens to be accessible to the N current users, but probably won't make sense for the N+1'th user.)
Blocks: 725918
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