Imagelib decoder speed telemetry should be uncompressed bytes / sec, not compressed bytes / sec




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See bug 715919 comment 17; uncompressed bytes / sec (or megapixels / sec) is a much better indicator of decoder speed than compressed bytes / sec.
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Patch v1
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I changed the name of the histograms so they don't get merged in the telemetry dashboard.

We could do KB/s instead of kilopixels/s, since the former is a more natural unit.  But since the *most* natural unit is MP/s, but that doesn't give us enough resolution, I used KP/s.

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Patch v1

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::: image/src/RasterImage.cpp
@@ +2863,5 @@
>          if (id < Telemetry::HistogramCount) {
> +            MOZ_ASSERT(image->mHasSize);
> +            // Report the decode rate in kilopixels per second.
> +            PRInt32 decodeRate = PRInt32(image->mSize.width * image->mSize.height /
> +                                         (1024.0 * mDecodeTime.ToSeconds()));

A kilopixel is 1,000 pixels, not 1,024.
What, you don't like kibipixels?  :-p

I'll fix it, thanks.
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Patch v2 (kilopixels/s, not kibipixel/s)
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Gah, now twice in two days I've wanted the speed as compressed bytes / sec.

Uncompressed bytes / sec is useful for "how fast is the decoder?"  But compressed bytes / sec is useful for "how many bytes should I shove at the decoder if I have Xms to burn."
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Patch v2 (kilopixels/s, not kibipixel/s)

The current histograms are useful, because we often ask the question "how many bytes should I shove at the decoder if I have Xms to burn?".  So at the very least, we should leave the current histograms and add these.  But upon retrospection, I'm not sure how useful these histograms are to us.
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