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In the Inspector, the arrowkeys shortcuts should be used only when the higlighter or the toolbar are focused


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Duplicate of this bug: 719866
Duplicate of this bug: 719834
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We can't have the same event logic for the arrowkeys and the other keys. Because we don't want the arrow keys to be used when we are (focused) in the sidebar or in the HTML tree, because the keys mean something else there.

We can't move all the event in the same place because some keys are used everywhere (ESC for example).

So in this patch, I moved all the arrowkeys event logic in the breadcrumbs code because the browsing-logic should follow the current breadcrumbs layout (see bug 719834).

Only 3 elements of the UI should use the arrowkey events:
- Toolbar (not just the breadcrumbs)
- The highlighter veil
- The content window (because the highlighter veil can be key-event-unsensitive with pointer-events:none)
Well, no. I think I get that wrong.
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patch v3

+  /**
+   * Remove the event listeners for the arrowkeys.
+   */
+   cleanNavigationKeys:

I might change that name to "clearNavigationKeys" or even "remove".

Presumably the existing unittests work for this?
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This does not appear to be critical enough to track, although you can make your case for uplifting to Beta 11 in a nomination.
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