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Intermittent test_browserFrame1.html, test_browserFrame2.html, test_browserFrame3.html "iframeLoad is not defined"


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Okay, I only have a test_browserFrame3.html in so far, but it's just a matter of time for the others. Nothing says that firing onload has to wait for all script in the document to be parsed, so <iframe onload="foo"></iframe><script>function foo(){}</script> is just asking for "foo is not defined."

Of course, the mochitest boilerplate encourages that, but that's for the same reason that the Mozilla Store only sells clownshoes, starting with size 22.
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Moving the <script> inside the <head> where you would have put it as a matter of course if you weren't starting with boilerplate works too, but that requires way more cut and paste than this does.
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Silly me.  Thanks, Philor.
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Okay, that was pathetic, where I starred my own brokenness from not paying attention to what I was fixing and what I would be breaking as though it was just the original problem. Backed out in, guess I ought to actually look at what I'm doing.
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Well, one problem is

  addEventListener('load', runTest());

I bet if we got rid of those parentheses, that would help a lot.
Ignoring 4, which I shouldn't have touched, 1-3 fail to consider data:text/html,<body><iframe onload="alert('iframe loaded')"></iframe></body>.

The whole thing is a race, will the iframe fire its first onload from when it loads empty before iframeLoad is defined, or will it fire it after it's defined but before the window load fires and runTest happens? :)
Summary: Intermittent test_browserFrame1.html, test_browserFrame2.html, test_browserFrame3.html, test_browserFrame4.html "iframeLoad is not defined" → Intermittent test_browserFrame1.html, test_browserFrame2.html, test_browserFrame3.html "iframeLoad is not defined"
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and that's about how much I have, a little.
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Okay, yeah, these tests are totally bogus.  :(
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Philor, feel free to push this.  If you don't get around to it tonight, I'll push in the morning.
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Patch v1

Pretty sure that's what we want to do, but based on my track record so far tonight, I asked the try server to back me up in
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At least three of the tests didn't have this failure.  The Windows tests are still pending (??), but I'm going to push anyway.
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> sgautherie
> Rev3 WINNT 5.1 try opt test mochitests-3/5 on 2012-01-21 15:16:20

This one happened before comment 22 fix.
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