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Janky scrolling at


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(Whiteboard: [snappy:p3])

STR on my Linux box:

 * Open
 * Grab the scroll bar and drag quickly down to the bottom, then back up.

Actual results: Jank.
Expected results: No jank.

Chrome scrolls through this page just fine.

Sounds like we should run this through our new jank profiler.
Looks like we spend a lot of time drawing the radial gradient in the background; remove that and it is snappy for me. It's a double shame since the background looks like its a single solid colour after the first screen-full or so.
I can't reproduce this, was this fixed or is my machine too fast?
Whiteboard: [snappy] → [snappy:p4]
Still janky on my Linux box.  I *thought* it was a fast machine.  :)
(In reply to Justin Lebar [:jlebar] from comment #3)
> Still janky on my Linux box.  I *thought* it was a fast machine.  :)

Looks like gfx accel on windows takes care of this. Leaving as p4 since it's unlikely that right people will get to this soon.
I keep accidentally using a non-existent snappy:p4 priority
Whiteboard: [snappy:p4] → [snappy:p3]
I can reproduce this on windows 7 x86_64 build.
Hardware Acceleration off. 
(having it on causes all sorts of redraw errors on dual screen setups)
Should we dep this against 100951 or is this a different kind of scroll?
Severity: normal → S3
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