arr.join("") doesn't always let indexed properties on the prototype show through

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Patch with tests

Nitpicky spec compliance issue, noticed in passing while reading other code.
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6 years ago
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Patch with tests

>+        const Value *iter;

'iter' is often the name for the iterator object so I was a bit confused when I first looked at the code.  How about 'elem'?

>+            if (iter->isObject())
>+                break;

Could you prefix this with a short comment about why the test is necessary?
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Okay, this is kind of ridiculous, but I did some searching, and I actually found a site which breaks because of join("") not exposing prototyped properties.  (I know, right?)  I talked to akeybl about it, and he was okay taking this on aurora, so I landed it there:

The things the web does, srsly...
Aurora is Fx11 right now? Shouldn't we change the target date?
Keywords: addon-compat, dev-doc-needed
Doesn't hurt to change it, no, I guess.  Version numbering in bugs is a bit fuzzy, and arguably setting the version and all that, given that we have multiple versions in flight at once, is mostly an attractive nuisance.

Notwithstanding comment 4, I doubt we need to document this.  And I doubt that even if we did document it, the people who would be affected by this bug would read our documentation such that they'd benefit from an improvement in this regard.
Keywords: dev-doc-needed
Target Milestone: mozilla12 → mozilla11
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