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Windows warning patrol


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Windows 7
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From the log for js/src/jsutil.h:

user:        Jeff Walden <>
date:        Wed Oct 05 15:21:53 2011 -0700
summary:     Make the guard-object macros, used to ensure a class can't accidentally be constructed only temporarily, JS_FRIEND_API-compatible, since they're being used in friend declarations now.  rs=cdleary/luke, no bug

Gotta do the same thing for mfbt's classes...
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First it was one method, then two, then then then.  I drew the line at changing js_TestXMLEquality.  And I think changing JSEqualityOp's not possible now either.  :-\
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The guard object classes need to be exported, if they're going to be used in exported APIs

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Yes, Virginia, MOZ_DELETE works outside of classes too.
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Change a mess of function signatures to take bool*, not JSBool*, all to fix one Windows warning comparing bool to JSBool

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I like.
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Delete EqualStrings(cx, linearStr1, linearStr2, &equal) so everyone has to use the made-for-linear-strings overload

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Sure, if this works.
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Backed out for win debug failures: (coalescing means this is the first tbpl push that shopws the failure)
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Sigh; I wasn't thinking that JS_FRIEND_API expands to an export or an import depending on the user.  I needed MFBT_API instead.  Relanded with that, after doing a Windows debug build with that to verify the fix.
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla12
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