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[Mac] password entry fields not identified as such, entering password does not generate typical audible click


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Password entry fields have the following problems:
1. Their role description is not properly identified.
2. When entering text, the typical password click that can be heard in Safari and elsewhere within Mac OS X is not being generated.

I'm marking this bug security sensitive for now because I do not know if this can be exploited to somehow gain access to a user-entered password.
Priority: -- → P1
I don't think this is a security bug that needs to be hidden. The lack of sound might fool a user into not knowing it's a password field? But if so they wouldn't be entering their password. The lack of sound means they're lost and don't know which fields are which, resorting to guessing? Yeah, that's a problem, but if it's causing that kind of confusion people will know that even if they can't see this bug.
Group: core-security
Assignee: nobody → hub
I was thinking more along the lines: Is there something in our APIs that might make password fields exploitable even if people enter something? But wasn't sure, so better to be cautious than sorry. :) Thanks for clarifying!
in Safari, "Secure Text Fields" return an empty value. We'll do the same with that patch.
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Intansiate the right class and set the proper subrole for password field. r=

I built with this patch locally, and can confirm that a) VoiceOver announces password fields as "Secure Edit text" and that b) it clicks when typing in a password into such a field. The text is then not reviewable, which is correct.
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Intansiate the right class and set the proper subrole for password field. r=

>+  // A password text field return an empty value

nit, returns
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Thanks. And I'll also fix the typo in the commit log. I'll land tomorrow morning.
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