Sending Bugzilla mails in MIME-digest format (per-day or per-week)




19 years ago
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19 years ago
Mailing lists understand this concept, I think Bugzilla should too. Have a
feature in prefs, if turned on Bugzilla will send you exactly ONE (1) email
every day or week or month (whatever time you have it set to repeat). With *all*
your bug updates.

This way I can get all my bugzilla updates in ONE email! wow, now that just
turned my spam from 10 emails a day to ONE. ;)

UI would be something like this:
( ) Turn on digest mode
	[ ] daily
	[ ] weekly
	[ ] monthly

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19 years ago
woops wrong component!
Component: Bugzilla: Keyword/Component Changes → Bugzilla
Product: → Webtools

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19 years ago
Assignee: asa → tara
QA Contact: lchiang → matty
Target Milestone: --- → Future
I'm hesitant about this, I think that we should just try to reduce unwanted

If we do something like this, we should have some sort of concept of priority
embedded into the email notification prefs so important messages will be sent
straight away.
-> Bugzilla product
Assignee: tara → jake
Component: Bugzilla → Email Notifications
Product: Webtools → Bugzilla
Version: other → unspecified

Comment 5

18 years ago
I'm voting on this one.  I, for one, am tired of getting 15 different comments
on one bug, when I'm just going to click on the damn bug page anyway :P  It
would be nice to get one e-mail a day telling me which bugs have new comments,
and give me URLs for each.

Comment 6

18 years ago
Sorry about the spam (how ironic), but I think the priority system could be
based on the type of message.  The UI could be this:

Digest mode: [Off    ][v]
             [Daily  ]
             [Weekly ]

Mail me a digest on:  [./] Contact changes of mine
                      [./] New Comments
                      [./] New Attachments
                      [./] Priority, status, severity, and milestone changes 
                      [./] When the bug is resolved or verified
                      [./] Keywords field changes
                      [./] CC field changes
                      [./] Any field not mentioned above changes

./ = a badly-contructed ASCII checkmark

IOW, this would have the same checkboxes at the other fields.  Another option
(and more useful one) would be to put the digest mode option on ALL of the
former checkboxes, like this:

When I'm the Bug Owner, email me:
               [Immediate][v] When I'm added to or removed from this capacity
               [Daily    ][v] New Comments
               [Immediate][v] New Attachments
               [Immediate][v] Priority, status, severity, and milestone changes     
               [Immediate][v] When the bug is resolved or verified
               [Off      ][v] Keywords field changes
               [Monthly  ][v] CC field changes
               [Weekly   ][v] Any field not mentioned above changes

In that fashion, people who are bug owners can have more immediate e-mails than
people who are just looking at another bug.  I'm sure this idea would be
somewhat of a coding nightmare (I know how it is, guys :), but it would be a lot
better in the long run.
Changing default owner of Email Notifications component to JayPee, a.k.a.
J. Paul Reed (  Jake will be offline for a few months.
Assignee: jake → preed
I like the second proposal in comment #6.  Except that
monthly seems like an *awefully* long time.  

Comment 9

17 years ago has this feature in its IssueZilla although it is not very
customizable.  I am not sure how they implement it though.  If you contact, he/she might be able to inform you on how they do their

Comment 10

16 years ago this too much of a nightmare to implement?  (I could understand how 
hard this would be to code.)  I sort everything into its own Bugzilla folder, 
but I still think this would be a highly useful feature, since most mailing 
list programs have something similar.


16 years ago
Summary: [RFE] Daily/Weekly digests. → Daily/Weekly digests.

Comment 11

16 years ago
In reference to implementation, I'm almost sure that this sort of thing would
require either a few text files (daily/monthly/weekly files with mail to send)
or another table into the MySQL database.  I would prefer the text files route,
since you don't need something as complex as a database if you have all of the
mail in a single mbox-type file.

This would also require a few crontab entries to send out the mail.  Get a
seperate program to send off the mail file and then delete it.  On that note,
does sendmail support multiple messages in one session, or do you have to send
them one at a time?

Ugh...errr...I forgot about the whole digest thing being with one message.  Gee,
maybe using another table in MySQL isn't such a bad idea...

BTW, what was with deleting the [RFE] tag?  Has a frontend already been built,
or was that just because it's not really needed?

Comment 12

15 years ago
Gmail's threading does this, in a way.  
Kick all my Bugzilla bugs back to the component default owner.
Assignee: preed → email-notifications


13 years ago
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12 years ago
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Summary: Daily/Weekly digests. → Sending Bugzilla mails in MIME-digest format (per-day or per-week)


12 years ago
Priority: -- → P3
(In reply to comment #12)

Not really.  Its not the same.

I really want this feature though.  (really, really want it :) )


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