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APKOpen.cpp fails to compile on X86 android


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Steps to reproduce:

I tried to build Fennec for an x86 Android tablet.

Actual results:

It failed to build APKOpen.cpp due to a chain of header dependencies ending in xpcom-config.h.  Since xpcom hadn't been built yet, it couldn't find the header.  

Expected results:

It should have known there was an stl dependency and built correctly.  The fix is to add STL_FLAGS= to mozglue/android/
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You should ask review on someone. Brad, could you perhaps review this patch?
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Thomas, why does clearing the STL_FLAGS fix this bug? And why x86 only?
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(In reply to Brad Lassey [:blassey] from comment #3)
> Thomas, why does clearing the STL_FLAGS fix this bug? And why x86 only?

When i pulled the latest code some time after the mozglue portion was reorganized from other-liscenses, it built fine for ARM/Android, but not for x86/Android. The new code created a dependency on stl_wrappers for APKOpen.  Specifically the cstring file.  The cstring file has a dependency on xpcom and it hadn't been built yet when APKOpen was being built.  The stl_wrappers dependency doesn't appear to be present in the ARM build.  So I made it for x86 only so as to not affect the ARM build.  

As far as to why/how the solution works, I got the recommendation from Mike Hommey and don't know what further implications it has.  


You can probably add STL_FLAGS= in mozglue/android/ I think this would be the correct fix.

glandium, why do you use cstring and vector into mozglue?  x86 compiler use stl-wrapper, but Zip.h uses cstring and vector.  So cstring includes mozalloc, so this issue occurs.
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comment #4's fix is hack.  Correct fix is that mozglue dones't use STL (cstring, vector and etc).
(In reply to Makoto Kato from comment #6)
> comment #4's fix is hack.  Correct fix is that mozglue dones't use STL
> (cstring, vector and etc).

No, the correct fix is that mozglue does no use mozalloc, and "STL_FLAGS=" is the way to do that.
I'd say the ifeq ($(CPU_ARCH),x86) in the patch is unnecessary.
Or, if you want an even more correct way to do it, it would be to fold mozalloc into mozglue, and remove mozalloc dependency on xpcom-config.h. While folding mozalloc into mozglue is in my agenda, it's more work than just adding "STL_FLAGS=", which, again, is a right way to fix this issue.
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fix v2

Review of attachment 597322 [details] [diff] [review]:

::: mozglue/android/
@@ +67,5 @@
> +else
> +ifeq ($(CPU_ARCH),x86)
> +endif

You don't need that. ANDROID_ARM_LINKER is only needed in mozglue/android for cacheflush, which is arm-specific. Nothing requires ANDROID_X86_LINKER, and nothing will.
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