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Implement a column argument to window.onerror


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I'm not used to looking at bugs thrown up at W3 and I was wondering if someone could help me out here locating the actual updated spec with these new changes.

Also, where is this sort of stuff currently handled? This bug is definitely interesting but I wanted to read a little into it.
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Hmm.  I'm a bit worried about engines not agreeing too easily on the exact column number.  I'd bet the column numbers we expose now on error objects are based on the *expression* that generated the error, not the statement.  Which actually seems a little better to me, because it makes columns in minified stuff more useful.  But it's almost certainly harder for engines to be consistent about.  Anyway, a substantial pitfall to be concerned about, here, and worthy of plenty of automated testcases if/when this happens.

Also it appears to me that the spec language in the commit referenced in the spec bug doesn't say what the column number should be -- statement, expression, whatever -- but I should probably complain about that in the spec bug database, or something.  :-)
I've done some testing in a few current browsers, and it looks like column numbers are (unsurprisingly) a total mess:

  // e.g. 1
        "foo"; throw new Error("moo");

  Chrome: 20  index of 'new'
  Safari: 36  index of ';'
  IE    : 14  index of 'throw'

  // e.g 2

  Chrome: 23  index of '.'
  Safari: 23  index of '.'
  IE    : 7   index of 'alert'

  // e.g. 3

  Chrome: 13  index of 'foo'
  Safari: 16  index of '.'
  IE    : 7   index of 'alert'

  // e.g. 4

  Chrome: 20  index of 'atob'
  Safari: 24  index of '()'
  IE    : 7   index of 'alert'

  // e.g. 5
        (1 + 1, atob());

  Chrome: 15  index of 'atob'
  Safari: 19  index of '()'
  IE    : 15  index of 'atob'

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