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Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command


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Bug 344411 added paint flashing to Firefox, and it is a good tool for web developers to see what regions of their site require repainting while interacting with their site.

We should add a button to enable/disable paint flashing for web developers somewhere in the developer tools.

The current paint flashing is done on browser chrome as well as content. We may want to add a separate pref that only performs paint flashing on content, but paint flashing the browser chrome may not hurt either.
That doesn't look like the right bug number?
Oh sorry, it is bug 334411 that implemented paint flashing.

The preference for it is nglayout.debug.paint_flashing and set it to true. It is hidden by default.
I've tried out the paint flashing feature. It's very cool!

I think that web developers would ideally only turn it on for their webapp (in other words, just for content and just the content for the tab they're looking at). Developers could find this useful as it is, but it feels like a browser developer feature rather than a web developer one because of its global effect.

Once we have the developer toolbar, it seems like it would be easy to add a command for this.
yeah, I'm thinking a command for this, not necessarily an actual "button" in the toolbar.

cc'ing joe to mark this up for command control.
Summary: Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a developer tool feature → Add the ability to enable/disable paint flashing as a [gcli] command
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Component: Developer Tools → Developer Tools: Graphic Commandline and Toolbar
Depends on: 847890
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patch v0.9

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::: browser/devtools/commandline/BuiltinCommands.jsm
@@ +2088,5 @@
> +    exec: function(args, context) {
> +      if ( {
> +        var window = context.environment.chromeDocument.defaultView;
> +      } else {
> +        var window = context.environment.contentDocument.defaultView;

double var

::: browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/devtools/
@@ +1008,5 @@
>  scratchpadOpenTooltip=Scratchpad
> +
> +# LOCALIZATION NOTE (paintflashingDesc) A very short string used to describe the
> +# function of the "paintflashing" command
> +paintflashingDesc=Highlight painted area.

For one-line descriptions we don't end with a full-stop.
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Closed: 9 years ago9 years ago
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toggling nglayout.debug.paint_flashing does not work anymore on web pages. 

This option does work on Nightly's "internal" pages, like about:newtab, Library Window, About:addons etc.
never mind. Got my answer elsewhere.
Verified as fixed on Firefox 22 beta 2 - Highlight Painted Area button is added to the new developer toolbox.

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