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Broken link to Mozilla Manifesto on about:mozilla page in Firefox


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In Firefox, type about:mozilla in address bar.
"sacred words" links to and is 404. works.
Thanks for reporting.  Fixed in r101093.
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Reopening.  I realize that the page is not that page that is being called up by about:mozilla in Firefox.  That must be a legacy page that is not in use now.

This should be reassigned to the Firefox product where someone will know how to update the link in that page.
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Summary: about:mozilla 404 link to manifesto → Broken link to Mozilla Manifesto on about:mozilla page in Firefox
Also see

Current preference is to not localize links, but handle that serverside.

The fix here should be to:

* Split up &mozilla.quote; into multiple chunks
* Change mozilla.xhtml to include <a href="..."> and use the multiple chunks


&foo1;<a href="bar.html">&foo2;</a>&foo3;<a href="baz.html">&foo4;</a>&foo5;

The chunks are needed to locales can split text as needed, some chunks may even be empty.
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Guacamole, what "needs" to be fixed here is the URL only, but what Dolske is suggesting is that while we are at it we should split that long text into multiple segments because that's how this is usually done, and it makes it easier to maintain in the future.

See an example here:
Think about how the whole content inside the <li> could have been a single entity, however there are 2 "&..." (entities) there because they are the logical units here.

So what you need to do is to split the text in the dtd into various parts:
"part before the url", "the url", "the url name", "part of the url"..

and then also change mozilla.xhtml to use all these entities, instead of just &mozilla.quote as it does now
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This is looking good, thanks for the patch! There's still a few changes that we should do before reviewing:

- Whenever we change a string, due to the way the localization process works, we need to change its name too. You can just add a 2, changing mozilla.quote to mozilla.quote2.

- You can keep the markup and the text (sacred words/spoke) inside the same quote. Let's just move the actual URLs to new entities and then reference them inside the <a href="...">

- Please declare the URL entities before the quote (just for clarity)
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OK now really.  No matter what is done here to fix this long term and correctly, the links in the release version will still be broken.  I doubt there is going to be a 10.0.3 to fix this.  I also bet it is to far into the beta cycle to get a fix here into version 11.  The obvious short term thing to do is to make do a server-side change to make the link in the current release Firefox just work.

I would really wish the people resisting doing this would explain their reasoning for their position.
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Looks perfect, thanks!

We should also file a bug to get the URL on the server-side to do proper locale redirection, and see if this is the final URL that Webdev wants to have the manifesto hosted.

WG9s: went through some big changes recently and even if we get a server-side redirect to fix this for the current releases (can you file a bug on that?), it's better to have the product pointing to the correct new URI.
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Fixed in mozilla-central for Firefox 13.  This fix should be included in tomorrow's Nightly build.  Thanks!
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This was backed out but not mentioned so here is the changeset:
Resolution: FIXED → ---
Fixed by Bug 735404
Closed: 8 years ago7 years ago
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