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Results in search do not appear in report/list


(Socorro Graveyard :: Middleware, defect)

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Thanks for filing. This has been originally raised by kbrosnan, so adding him.
I wonder if the issue is connected to bug 721169 somehow.
(In reply to Robert Kaiser ( from comment #1)
> I wonder if the issue is connected to bug 721169 somehow.

It shouldn't, bug 721169 is focused on a difference between TCBS and search. Since 2.4.1 search and report/list use the same code base, so a difference there is likely due to something else. 

I cannot reproduce in my VM yet, I'll have to wait for a fresh DB dump. Moving to 2.4.3.
Target Milestone: 2.4.2 → 2.4.3
Target Milestone: 2.4.3 → 2.4.4
Duplicate of this bug: 725313
This problem is due to slashes ('/') in signatures. As Apache doesn't accept them and raise an error, we double-encode them in the UI before calling any URL. The problem is that at some point, I removed the decoding part in the middleware. I just need to add that again and it should come back to normal.
Commit pushed to master at
Merge pull request #376 from AdrianGaudebert/724670-fix-slashes-in-signatures

Fixes bug 724670 - Decode double encoded slashes in terms and signature ...
Closed: 8 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Steps to QA

1. Go to advanced search.
2. Search for a signature containing a slash ('/'). Example: search for signatures containing "java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start activity ComponentInfo{org.mozilla.fennec/org.mozilla.fennec.App}"
3. Check that there are results.
4. Click on a signature to go to report/list.
5. Check that there are results.
Note about step 2. in previous comment: this signature exists only for FennecAndroid, make sure to select that product. 

If no result is raised by that previous search, search for signatures containing "/" and continue.
No longer blocks: 730688
Product: Socorro → Socorro Graveyard
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