Blacklist dual-GPU machines where at least one of the drivers is blacklisted




6 years ago
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6 years ago
On dual-GPU machines on Windows, we currently listed both GPUs in about:support but only blacklist based on the first GPU. This is a problem when it turns out we're actually using GPU #2, or when we end up switching from GPU #1 to GPU #2 (as in Bug 635464).

We should consider blacklisting based on both GPUs -- that is, blacklist if either of the GPUs has a blacklisted driver. Before doing this, we should look at crash report data (starting with Firefox 11, where dual-GPU detection was cleaned up by Bug 679110) and the telemetry data added by Bug 706340 to estimate the percentage of users who would be affected by this change.

Comment 1

6 years ago
Likely a dupe of bug 628129 ?

Comment 2

6 years ago
(In reply to Paul Irish from comment #1)
> Likely a dupe of bug 628129 ?

Not a dupe, since this bug for doing something blunter than Bug 628129: this bug is for blacklisting when either of the drivers is blacklisted, while Bug 628129 is for figuring out which GPU is active and then blacklisting if the active GPU's driver is blacklisted.

Comment 3

3 years ago
Assume you got a machine with an integrated GPU and a dedicated GPU.
Then the dedicated GPU gets blacklisted, for whatever reason. 

The driver-configuration of the dedicated GPU is set to never switch from the integrated GPU to the dedicated GPU, so the problem of the dedicated GPU never affects the browser.

Why should the browser also stop using HWA for the unaffected GPU?
See Also: → bug 1137716


25 days ago
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