Throttle/Coalesce Scroll events on OSX with the trackpad




7 years ago
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7 years ago
Scrolling performance on is really bad due to the large number of scroll events generated.

I'm seeing up to 4 calls to [ChildView scrollWheel] between paints, each of these can call [ChildView scrollWheel:forAxis] twice, and that can call nsChildView::DispatchEvent twice (NS_MOUSE_PIXEL_SCROLL and NS_MOUSE_SCROLL). This results in up to 16 calls to nsLayoutUtils::GetFrameForPoint between paints, and this is really hurting interactive performance on this complex page.


7 years ago
Blocks: 722603
After I fix bug 719320, nsChildView will dispatch only one event to PresShell. ESM::PostHandleEvent() will dispatch the both legacy mouse scroll events if the new wheel event isn't consumed by contents. After that, ESM::PostHandleEvent() will scroll something. It may help to reduce the cost.
Depends on: 719320
Is this something to put on the Snappy radar?
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7 years ago
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Bug 719320 has been fixed on mozilla-central. It succeeded to reduce the number of mouse scroll events from cocoa widget. It's not fixed actual cause of this bug but it should improve the performance.
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