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Don't start profile migration if we have been launched from an intent


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If someone is entering Firefox from another app (twitter, facebook,...) doing the profile migration before they can view their friends cat picture is a poor first experience. We should only do profile migration when the user clicks on Firefox mobile directly.
Do it for the cats.
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I'm all for saving the kittens and this is patched easily enough, but it's really a sign we have to look at bug 729532. 

The user might wonder where his history is, after he's tired of looking at cat pictures.
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Patch 1. Don't start profile migration if we're launched with an URL.

>+        boolean launchFromUri = true;
>         String passedUri = null;

I assume the reason you need launchFromUri is passedUri is reset to null if we have try a redirect? Otherwise you could just use passedUri and skip the new variable.

>-        if (uri != null && uri.length() > 0)
>+        if (uri != null && uri.length() > 0) {
>             passedUri = mLastTitle = uri;
>+        } else {
>+            launchFromUri = false;
>+        }

Why not just flip the boolean default of launchFromUri to false and set it to true in the existing if-block? Not needing to add the "else" would be nice.

I have to agree that this bug is almost WONTFIX worthy. Yes, it will be a one time pain for the user opening the external link, but it's one time and done. This approach means the browsing session will not have any previous XUL history and bookmarks available.

I think we need a UX review on this. I would WONTFIX it myself, but I'm curious to hear what UX wants to do.
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Madhava, Ian: What say you?
This feels like a strange thing for which to build a special case. While it's true that you're saving time on one visit, you are also setting a user up to:

1. Be more annoyed the next time they open Firefox and have to wait through the migration process ("Hey, this didn't happen last time")
2. Feel like all their data has been blown away, should they decide to surf around after reading the link they opened

We should just rip the bandaid off and get it over with.
I interpret that as WONTFIX.
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