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<input type=email> validation fails on addresses with whitespace at beginning or end


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Steps to reproduce:

A document with simply these lines:

<!doctype html>
<input type=email>

does not allow an email address with a space at either the beginning or the end. The HTML5 spec says that the sanitization (sanitation?) process must include stripping leading and trailing whitespace from the value.

Entering an email address with a space at the beginning or the end causes the box to have a red border when blurred, indicating an invalid email address.

I tested this with the latest Firefox UX nightly.

Actual results:

Email box had red border.

Expected results:

Not actually sure, I guess the whitespace characters should simply be removed.
(In reply to Robert Longson from comment #1)
> That's what the html5 specification calls for doesn't it?
> %28type=email%29 and

Then at what point is the whitespace stripped? What is the point of that line in the spec?

<quote>The value sanitization algorithm is as follows: Strip line breaks from the value, then strip leading and trailing whitespace from the value.</quote>
According to the specification that happens when the multiple attribute is added/removed.
My apologies, it appears I've wasted everyones' time. I'm clearly not experienced at reading spec documents.
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