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deserializing Histogram SampleSets shouldn't check count sums


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See bug 707320 comment 57 for the background here.
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Deserialization shouldn't care whether the data "looks good"; that determination should be left to someone else.
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AIUI this check caught a bug in our code.  Why do you want to remove it?  If you want to change the invariants on histogram state, then do that but update the check here.
We check the "invariants" on histogram state elsewhere (e.g. calling FindCorruption on histograms before reflecting them into JS and sending them off).  It's not useful to have a check in the deserialization code for this sort of thing because it lands us in the following situation:

- Histogram X existed in memory with (very rare!) differing counts and we happily included/ignored it when sending telemetry pings.
- Histogram X gets serialized at shutdown.
- Histogram X gets deserialized at startup and we think the datafile is corrupt because of this check.

Without the check, we would include/ignore histogram X just as we were doing before.
We can also run into the following scenario:

- Histogram X existed in memory with differing counts and we happily included it when sending telemetry pings (because it's not corrupt according to Histogram::FindCorruption).
- Histogram X gets serialized at shutdown.
- Firefox gets upgraded and histogram X does not exist in the new version of Firefox: we decided it was no longer useful, or we are measuring something slightly different and decided to rename it.
- When reading in histogram X's data, we notice that it's "corrupt" and therefore decide the whole file is corrupt.  We do this *even though* we don't care about the contents of the data (limitations in the current implementation dictate that we can only send serialized histograms that exist in TelemetryHistogram.h), we just want to read it off the disk.

Checking for corrupt data should be put at a higher level than this.
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Just remove all this code.  Hopefully the scheme you describe in the above two comments is documented elsewhere, so we shouldn't need this comment.

r=me with that
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Address review comments by deleting comments.  Carrying over r+.
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