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This is a rush job, and should be turned around asap, so we can proceed over to design tomorrow.

Can you review and edit two pages of copy:

mozilla.org/b2g - landing page
mozilla.org/b2g - about page

On the etherpad, I've added "H1, H2, and body," those are notes for the designer and developer, try to pretend they aren't there:-)


At the bottom there is an FAQ page, no worries on that one, it's really dense,I'm taking a first pass and we'll tackle post-launch.


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6 years ago
All set! Let me know if you need anything else.

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6 years ago
Hi --
A note, we need to call this *Project* Boot to Gecko, since it's not a final name.  Please check the copy and make this change at least for the first instance...

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6 years ago
Other than the change from comment #2, has this copy been fully reviewed & approved?

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6 years ago
(In reply to John Slater from comment #3)
> Other than the change from comment #2, has this copy been fully reviewed &
> approved?

It has, it was worked on by Emily, Andres, Chris Lee, and others. I've moved it to a cleaner etherpad for Matej to do a polish.

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6 years ago
One other thing: I'm hearing that in the MWC booth we're not saying boot to gecko or boot to web,  it's called "open web devices".  Is that something we need to consider here?

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6 years ago
Here's what I got from Chris Lee, product manager yesterday.  I haven't heard a new course today ...

Open Web Device (OWD) -- This includes the UI + B2G platform and is a category of devices that uses Web technology as the base of its platform
Open Web Platform (OWP) -- This is essentially B2G the platform.

OWD -- It's a bit confusing, but this is Telefonica's UI + B2G.  

So as I understand it the Mozilla technology framework is boot to gecko, the stuff they are showing is open web device (as in a physical implementation of boot to gecko.

I think on the site we're talking about the technology so we're OK with boot to gecko.

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6 years ago
Thanks Emily. That sounds like at least one issue resolved then!

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6 years ago
Just to clarify, OWD/OWP are not official product names/categories or brands.  

Thanks everyone for putting this together.

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6 years ago
Closing resolved/fixed as we've moved to implementation for time's sake. As the product identity forms in the future, we can iterate.

Follow Bug 727876 for implementation.
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