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Replace old synchronous favicons calls in feeds


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Not sure whom to ask about "feeds/src/WebContentConverter.js". It appears that
Shawn has worked on that code a long time ago :-)

While working on bug 713642, I noticed a call to getFaviconLinkForIcon that at
first glance appears to pass a Page URI instead of the Favicon URI that the
call expects. See the attached patch for the exact line.

How can I test the expected behavior there?
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For feedback

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You'll want to talk to mak about the WebContentConverter stuff I think.  It's really old code!

::: browser/components/feeds/src/WebContentConverter.js
@@ +452,5 @@
>        var fis = Cc[";1"].
>                  getService(Ci.nsIFaviconService);
> +
> +      // TODO: Not sure how this is supposed to work... getFaviconLinkForIcon
> +      //       expects a Favicon URI, not a Page URI.

This code is probably just broken.
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So I figured out what this code was supposed to do, and fixed it to use the
site favicon like we did in bug 731942. To test it:

* Navigate to a site that has a favicon, for example <http:/>
* Register a protocol handler on the same host from the Web Console:
                                        "Test Handler");
* Verify that an icon appears in the notification box. In this case, the icon
  should be <>.
* Finally, ignore or dismiss the notification box.
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The patch

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yes makes sense, for the same discussion we had regarding the handler.
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