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Create Dev/Stage environment for Vinz Clortho BrowserID IdP Server


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This project is documented at

As we've discussed previously, we'd like to take advantage of our intranet's use of HTTP Basic Auth to direct a couple URLs to a new service.

This is a BrowserID Primary Identity Provider Service (IdP) for email addresses.

This service will bind to ldap with the user's credentials, to prove they own a particular email address.

A Q1 Goal is to deploy a primary identity provider for email addresses.
Blocks: 729750
Blocks: 728382
Proposed codebase. Please read the README before our meeting:
Assignee: server-ops → server-ops-infra
Component: Server Operations → Server Operations: Infrastructure
QA Contact: phong → jdow
Summary: Create Stage environment for BrowserID IdP Server → Create Stage environment for Vinz Clortho BrowserID IdP Server
@jabba - great progress on this!

Will statsd be available?
Summary: Create Stage environment for Vinz Clortho BrowserID IdP Server → Create Dev/Stage environment for Vinz Clortho BrowserID IdP Server
Depends on: 750560
Depends on: 753185
How is stage coming along?
Whiteboard: [qa+]
What will the hostname be for stage? Any ETA?
Any update on the plans here?
Sorry, I keep forgetting to update this bug. There has been work the last couple of weeks to get migrated to a highly available cluster that can support this. We are currently hoping to have this completed by the end of this week, as long as no issues come up. This cluster comes with a stage environment as well, and we'll be able to get this spun up pretty quickly at that point as well as enable production.
We're also interested in the ETA for this for building the new Air-Mozilla site which will use BrowserID but only OK people who are still employed. 

:ozten, the github repo is 404ing. 

:jabba, We're not in an urgent rush but what's a realistic ETA for this? If too long, we'll go for a basic python-ldap solution which we can complete is a day.
This is up at and production is up at Eventually there will be a full stage cluster and will host prod, but the timeline for that is unclear. The existing dev environment can be used for staging purposes, so I'll close this out.
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(In reply to Justin Dow [:jabba] from comment #9)

Should we file another bug to track the stage environment, or is there already a bug #? We still will need a Vinz Clortho stage for QA.
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no longer relevant.  We're deploying this in AWS.  

see instead
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