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"disabled" attribute should not work on non-form elements


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Steps to reproduce:

The attached page contains 2 divs with tabIndex=1 and one of them is disabled.

Actual results:

If I tab to the disabled element outline is not drawn which means "disabled" attribute is working for non-form control elements.

Expected results:

"disabled" should not work for non-form control elements.
Please also refer webkit bugs:-
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 10:08:27 -0500
From: Boris Zbarsky <>


Looks like just a bug to me.  Please file in the Core product?

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Mounir, shouldn't IsDisabled() on nsGenericHTMLElement just return false?
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Attached patch Patch v1 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Indeed, with bug 557087, I did introduce |IsDisabled()| but it seems that this bug didn't cause the regression:

So I guess the described issue must be quit old.

Here is a patch that might fix it. I will write some tests as soon as I will have a try run done.
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I think this pass should pass our test suite.
It's lovely to see that we had tests checking that <div tabindex=1 disabled> was actually not focusable... :)
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Patch with tests

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Antaryami, thank you for reporting that issue. That was a very valuable feedback!
That bug should be fixed in Firefox 13. The fix will be available soon in our Nightly builds.
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