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GCLI: add a command to reload resources


(DevTools Graveyard :: Graphic Commandline and Toolbar, defect)

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It would be quite cool to have a quick way to reload the page and parts of the page, as follows:

- reload
  reload the page
- reload styles
  reload all the stylesheets in the page
- reload images
- reload frames
- reload plugins
- reload videos
- reload audio
- probably reload scripts, but this is tricky. maybe for a different bug. needs more thinking.
- reload /regex_pattern/
  allow me to reload resources based on a matching pattern.
- reload 5min
  reload the page after 5 minutes.
- reload 5min 9
  reload the page after 5 minutes, but repeat the timer 9 times.

This would be quite cool to use, especially when making server-side style changes - you can just do reload styles = fancy.
Another thought: allowing to reload every 5 seconds the stylsheets only would be very useful for designers who can have, say, on one monitor Firefox open and reloading stylsheets every few seconds, while they edit the styles in their favorite editor, on the second monitor. This would allow a workflow similar to that of the style editor - almost-live feedback during editing, but with external tools.
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 15
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Target Milestone: Firefox 15 → Firefox 16
Assignee: nobody → paul
Depends on: 768706
Paul - Just checking in on this bug, what do you think are the chances that we can get it done in the next couple of weeks? Otherwise we need to mark it for Firefox 17, or perhaps re-assign?
Whiteboard: [gclicommands]
Most of it is working, done during the hackday. However, it triggers an xpconnect crash, (that I've filed and set blocking this bug) when I do something like "reload page 4s". I'll maybe have time to investigate soon. I'll plan to post the code anyway.
We didn't get to polish this off for Firefox 16, but we should make it a priority for 17.

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I won't be working on this in the near future.
Assignee: padenot → nobody
Resetting priorities because these P* levels are very out of date.
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Priority: P2 → --
Bulk changing the status, as there is no assignee anymore.

Product: Firefox → DevTools
Per bug 1491875, this component has been closed, and the affected code is being removed from Firefox. Closing this bug as incomplete.
Closed: 6 years ago
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Product: DevTools → DevTools Graveyard
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