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Please prepare 3.6.13->10.0.2 MU snippets


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(Reporter: akeybl, Assigned: nthomas)


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Besides our latest 3.6 releases (3.6.26 and 3.6.27) 3.6.13 has the largest concentration of users (~1.5mil). We'd like to push out a major billboard update that will hopefully convince a large percentage of these users to move forward. Up until this point, we've been pushing minor updates to the latest 3.6 version, at which point they'd be prompted with a billboard. After pushing these snippets, 3.6.13 users will get a billboard without performing an update.
Assignee: nobody → nrthomas
Priority: -- → P2
Lets copy the 3.6.27 -> 10.0.2 snippets, and move them to where a 3.6.13 request will find them:

# cltbld@aus2-staging
cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging/

for ext in ''  '-beta' '-test'; do
  rsync -a Firefox-3.6.27-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU${ext}/ $dest/
  touch $dest
  mv $dest/Firefox/{3.6.27,3.6.13}
  for p in $dest/Firefox/3.6.13/*; do
    mv $p/{20120216013254,20110319135224}

I'll push the test snippets live on Tuesday, there's a backup running right now.

Also, it turns out that 3.6.13 is the first 3.6.x that we can do this for, unless we exclude Mac. That's because between 3.6.12 and .13 we split Darwin_Universal-gcc3 into Darwin_ppc-gcc3-u-ppc-i386 and Darwin_x86-gcc3-u-ppc-i386, so that we can not offer updates to ppc.
Whiteboard: [x-functional]
Push the snippets live:
~/bin/backupsnip Firefox-3.6.13-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU-test
~/bin/pushsnip   Firefox-3.6.13-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU-test

But it turns out I used the 3.6.16 buildID, and there are different buildIDs for each platform. Fix up prod:

cd /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/3.6.13
rm -rf */20110319135224
ssh dp-ausstage01 rm -rf /opt/aus2/incoming/3/Firefox/3.6.13/*/20110319135224

Fix up the snippets, and repush:
cd /opt/aus2/snippets/staging/
for ext in ''  '-beta' '-test'; do
  mv $dest/Darwin_x86-gcc3-u-ppc-i386/{20110319135224,20101203074432}
  mv             $dest/Linux_x86-gcc3/{20110319135224,20101203074139}
  mv             $dest/WINNT_x86-msvc/{20110319135224,20101203075014}
~/bin/pushsnip   Firefox-3.6.13-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU-test

Verified it works with the mac build.
After go from akeybl:
~/bin/backupsnip Firefox-3.6.13-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU
~/bin/pushsnip   Firefox-3.6.13-build1-10.0.2-build1-MU
QA has signed off, so we're done. This will be live until the next 3.6.x release comes along.
Closed: 10 years ago
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Product: → Release Engineering
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