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Lists generated with mediawiki-bugzilla should link to bugzilla tickets


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Lists of bugs auto-generated with the mediawiki-bugzilla plugin generate links to whatever is in the url field of the given bug, rather than to the bug itself. 

See the following examples:

Instead, the link should go to the actual bugzilla bug.
And for bugs that don't have anything in the URL field, the links just point to the current wiki page.
I created this pull request to change this around:

There's no actual piece in the JSON returned by the query that points to the bug's actual bugzilla entry, so I'm manually creating the URL based on the bug's id. ('ref' points to the bug's REST API url. 'url' points to the bug's user-set "url" field.) 
Though now that I think about this, that's hardcoded to BMO, and probably can't be used upstream since other bugzilla/mediawiki installations would be messed up with it.
I fixed up the change from Wes to use the Bugzilla URL specified in bugzilla.php. I submitted a pull request against
This looks to be fixed in the latest deployed version.
Closed: 8 years ago
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