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##!!! ASSERTION: nsCOMArrayEnumerator not thread-safe: '_mOwningThread.GetThread() == PR_GetCurrentThread()', file mozilla/xpcom/build/nsArrayEnumerator.cpp, line 161


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The test in bug 700920 comment #3 causes this assertion.
We need to fix this.
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nsISupportsArray which is an array of nsIImportMailboxDescriptor is generated in importing thread, so we don't have to dispatch to the main thread.
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Proposed fix

the problem is that these classes really aren't thread-safe, so making the isupports thread-safe isn't sufficient, other than to quiet the warnings which are really legitimate warnings.

Fixing the thread-safety assertions might well involve rewriting the import code not to run on its own thread. Fixing this particular assertion probably involves figuring out a way of getting a thread-safe array or enumerator out of the mailnews backend.
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comment 2 is currently our basic problem with import
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