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Font inflation incorrectly inflating feed of latest messages on


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(Whiteboard: [readability], [font-inflation][platform-rel-Facebook])


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Just another font inflation bug by me.

Fennec native 2012-02-25, Android 4.0.3 stock, Google Nexus S

With the Phony extension installed and set to Desktop Firefox as user agent, opening while being logged in shows me a page like the attached screenshot with some texts inflated (too much):
- the newsticker
- the text belonging to the Like buttons
- the offline message on the left
- summaries of share links
- the Like | Comment | Share | Timestamp box. Not that much, but the Like button needs three lines/rows
I'll take a look at this, but also note that the site should not suffer from this bug (as a temporary workaround).
Summary: Font inflation disaster on's feed of latest messages → Font inflation incorrectly inflating feed of latest messages on
Whiteboard: [readability], [font-inflation]
blocking-fennec1.0: --- → -
should retest after bug 707195
Depends on: 707195
Just to note, the android stock ICS browser does a good job on this site (screenshots incoming).
A few of the pieces in this comment stuff have display:table-cell, so this is related to bug 707195 (unlike almost all the other things marked as dependencies of it).
P3 per font inflation scrub.
Assignee: nobody → sjohnson
Priority: -- → P3
Flags: needinfo?(jaywir3)
Clearing needinfo without a question. In either case Josh is the wrong person to ask these days as he is not actively working on Firefox currently.
Flags: needinfo?(jaywir3)
Whiteboard: [readability], [font-inflation] → [readability], [font-inflation][platform-rel-Facebook]
platform-rel: --- → ?
platform-rel: ? → ---
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