le fichier ne commence pas par '%PDF-' // file does not start with '%PDF-'




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6 years ago
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3.5 Branch
Windows 2000

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6 years ago
on http://produit-allier.fr/
on second item on right list, then when clicking on "Télécharger"

it open the PDF file with following error "le fichier ne commence pas par '%PDF-'" (in english "file does not start with '%PDF-'") (in fact of simply open it without error)

Important information about version :
Bug has been report on Firefox 3.5.16 Windows + Adobe Acrobat (because it's the only version i have here) but bug has been found on firefox windows latest version, probably 10.x (however i have been unable to reproduce on MacOS because of PDF integration into Firefox)

after checking, PDF file start indeed with %PDF, so i guess it's firefox/acrobat reader bug related

a bit more information who can help to specify this report :
- memory cache size is not set to 0, 
- pdf extension of the file is available

i stay available for any test/information needed

The direct URL is http://www.produits-allier.com/datas/docsup/docs/repertoire-2012-web.pdf and opening it with an helper application (foxit) works as expected.
I guess that the reporter is using the Adobe Acrobat Plugin that i don't want to install on my system due to security.

Comment 2

6 years ago
i confirm using Adobe Acrobat (and firefox plugin)

btw i'm sorry but that's what is used by most of people :/

The main difference on the networking side between a download for a helper application and the Acrobat plugin is that the Acrobat plugin is using byte range request. Do you get this issue only with Firefox also with other browsers like Opera, Safari, Chrome (IE doesn't matter).

Comment 4

6 years ago
with Opera 11.61/windows 2000 : i don't have the error (same acrobat)
with Chrome/Safari : can't test (only have windows 2000 here who is not supported, i'll test on another computer asap)

Comment 5

6 years ago
Works for me using Adobe Acrobat, using Firefox 10.0.2

Note that this error-message definitely comes for the plugin - the browser doesn't care if the file starts with '%PDF-' or not. I'm not sure how Opera avoids the error ???
The magic number of this file is %PDF-1.3% .
The error message usually means that the file stream is broken if the file itself is ok.
That could be an issue with the unusual byte-range request that the plugin is using. 
Note: Plugins do also browser sniffing and it's possible that they deactivate a feature like byte-range requests in Opera...

The bug could be either in Neck:http, Necko:cache, the plugin or the remote server.
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