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Contacts API: Incremental Search


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Right now we have to iterate over all Contacts to perform incremental search.
The idea is to add a searchable field once we put a contact into the DB that allows to find the contact even with substrings.
For example "Tom" should be a findable with "t, to, tom, T, To, Tom"
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I added a search property to the contact in the DB that saves the text incrementally.
For example:
Something like: {givenName: "Tom", familyName: "Test"});

results in a DB object that looks like
properties: "givenName":["Tom"],"familyName":["Test"]
search: "givenName":["t","to","tom"],"familyName":["t","te","tes","test"]

I don't think it makes much sense to add a case sensitive incremental search.
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You don't need to add multiple entries if you want to do just "prefix searching".

If someone searches for 't', just create a keyrange like

x = 't';
range = IDBKeyRange.bound(x, x + "\uFFFF");

That range will return all strings starting with 't'. Likewise if you set x to 'to' it'll find all strings starting with 'to'.

You will need to store a case-folded string though if you want case insensitive search. And do something like:

x = 'tO';
x = x.toLowerCase();
range = IDBKeyRange.bound(x, x + "\uFFFF");
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Looks great!

::: dom/contacts/fallback/ContactDB.jsm
@@ +362,5 @@
>        if (key == "id") {
>          // store.get would return an object and not an array
>          request = store.getAll(options.filterValue);
>        } else {
> +        if (options.filterOp == "equals") {

Nit: could do 'else if' here

@@ +370,5 @@
> +          request = index.getAll(options.filterValue, options.filterLimit);
> +        } else {
> +          // not case sensitive
> +          let tmp = options.filterValue.toLowerCase();
> +          var range = this._global.IDBKeyRange.bound(tmp, tmp + "\uFFFF");

Nit: I'd consistently use 'let' here.
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I wanted to report bug that TB can't seach based on second word in name, lastname or email fileds.
For example

Name: John Mary
Lastname: Smith

If you search by "mary" TB will find nothing since that word is second in name field and not first in email field.
Did solving this bug fixed this also?

I'm using TB 10 ESR, not TB 14 so I cannot test it right now.
This bug has nothing to do with Thunderbird.  Please file a bug in the Thunderbird product or visit
Sorry, was doing search trought "file new bug" for Thunderbird and this came up.
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