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Part of the Betafarm / site is a directory of Labs projects, both current and past.  We want to preserve information about inactive projects, but clearly indicate in those project pages that those projects are inactive, and they've served their purpose.

E.g. in a likely future, a project like will be integrated into Firefox, and we don't want to confuse the audience thinking that this project is still soliciting contributors as a separate project.  In this case for example, we'll probably want to (with copy) direct people to the right part of the Firefox codebase.

This bug is about figuring out whether there's a design layer that can be applied to specifically tagged projects (e.g. "inactive") which conveys this different state.

(could be as simple as a badge/watermark)


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Assignee: tshahian → jslater

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Assigning to Lee, since he's doing the rest of the Labs design work.

Note: in our call yesterday, we talked about getting clearer direction from the Labs team as to what this mark should actually say (which is tricky, since this mark needs to apply to projects that have both 'graduated' to Firefox and also just been retired). So, once you guys have that info we ought to be able to create this fairly easily, but that part will need to come first.
Assignee: jslater → ltom
Discussed amongst Labs folk, David Ascher & I: we're good with "Inactive" as the generic mark -- it will cover multiple use cases: defunct, dormant, graduated (whether to Firefox or to product/platform/other implementation) 

Projects marked inactive will have a field or paragraph to describe project status/history/outcome in addition to the description fields that the active pages have.


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Mozilla Labs - Inactive Project 01

Attaching a mockup of the INACTIVE project overlay with FPO alert copy.
closing this as the inactive overlay is good-to-go
Last Resolved: 7 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Is there an example of an inactive project that I can test? If not I'd like to have one made inactive temporarily.
Please add QA repro steps or mark as [qa-], thanks
To view inactive status.

1. Login as admin
2. Navigate to a project page
3. Edit that project
4. Check inactive
5. Save
6. Project image should now display an overlay stating "inactive"
Verified project image has 'inactive' overlay, and there is a red Inactive message on the project list and on the individual project page.
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