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We need WebGL performance regression tests integrated in Talos, see bug 676138.

But since noone is brave enough to face the Talos the giant of bronze, let's first do these tests as plain web pages. That will get done sooner, will be more generally useful, and once it's done the Talos integration part should not be hard, if we get things right.

The model I'm trying to follow here is the WebGL conformance tests, which are developed as plain web pages and which we integrate as mochitests (and easily sync). The way this works is there is a test harness that can be used by a plain web page test runner, and can also be used by other kinds of runners like our mochitest. I don't know any Talos specifics but I'd naively hope that the same can be done there.

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6 years ago
New user repository for such performance tests!


hg clone ssh://hg.mozilla.org/users/bjacob_mozilla.com/webgl-perf-tests
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