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Panel constructor lacks a way to set position of panel other than "centered"


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Going off of the documentation at

I can pass in width and height attributes as options to the panel constructor...

var panel = require("panel").Panel({
  width: 500,
  height: 400

but there are no options to set the position of the panel within the browser window. It always appears centered (if opened with or anchored to the widget (if opened from an addon-bar widget).

I'm working on a requested feature for the Collusion add-on, to provide a view of the Collusion tracking graph in a panel overlaying a corner of the browser window. Unfortunately it seems my only choices at the moment are to have it centered (obscuring the user's prime web content) or anchor it to the addon-bar widget.

I propose an API where you could specify halign and valign properties in the panel constructor. halign could be "left", "right", or "center", and valign could be "top", "bottom", or "center". The Add-on SDK would use these attributes and the width and height to position the panel in a location appropriate for the screen size on the user's device. (If the screen is too small, e.g. on mobile, they might just be ignored.)

So I would be able to do:

var panel = require("panel").Panel({
  width: 300,
  height: 200,
  halign: "right",
  valign: "top"

Please consider it. Thanks!

(Note: this is similar to bug but that one deals with specifying position of panel relative to an anchor; this is for when panel is opened without an anchor.)
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Here the JEP related to Panel Position APIs, that should cover this scenario too:
I made some comments!
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Irakli, I created the pull request in order to have some concrete code where to discuss, after the comments had in the etherpad, to check if the APIs are fine.
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Attachment #719792 - Flags: review?(rFobic)
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Pointer to Github pull request:

Please see my overview comment in the pull before landing!

Wohoo panel positioning \o/
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Pointer to Github pull request:

This is the implementation after the "detraitification", therefore it needs a completely new review I'm afraid.

I will do some unit test ASAP, but in the meantime I'd like if you could take a look to the current implementation.
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Commits pushed to master at
Bug 732294 - Panel constructor lacks a way to set position of panel other than "centered"

Implemented the API described in [JEP Panel Positioning]( and discussed in etherpad.
Merge pull request #826 from ZER0/panel-align/732294

fix Bug 732294 - Panel constructor lacks a way to set position of panel other than "centered" r=@gozala
Closed: 7 years ago
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According to bug 878877 we're going to back this out of beta so please prepare a backout patch and nominate for uplift.
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We're not going to back this out, this patch won't be affected by bug 878877, we'll still have the capability to set the position of the panel even when bug 878877 will land.
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Oh sorry, I didn't read the recent comment in bug 878877. I think it could be dangerous back this out because I recall that at least one other fix is built on top of it; so we should trace all the fixes are relying on these changes before back it out.
Ok, will take the fix in bug 878877 in that case since backout is too risky.
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