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Allow submission of telemetry data with SUMO feedback


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Not set




(Reporter: taras.mozilla, Unassigned)


(Keywords: privacy-review-needed)

Currently SUMO submissions lack any context. We should add a system to attach telemetry diagnostics to the compaint. For example when a user complains about pageload times, we'd see telemetry histograms for HTTP connections, etc.

This would work by adding a
[x] submit firefox diagnostics information
checkbox to
I presume
would have to become a chrome://url
Related bug for about:support data submission - bug 732527.
OS: Windows 7 → All
Hardware: x86_64 → All
(In reply to Taras Glek (:taras) from comment #0)
> I presume
> would have to become a chrome://url

Not necessarily. It could work the way are able to install Lightweight Themes (formerly 'Personas'). The page fires an event and if they're on the whitelist then the action can be triggered.

Sites allowed to do this would have to be TLS sites. Any XSS on the site means this functionality can be triggered so we have to make sure the destination of the data is not set in the request (or has to be same-origin) and not allow redirects of the submission.
I note bug 732527 comment 22 is moving forward and has passed its privacy review.
(This bug already has a mention at bug732527 comment 8)

This bug 732522 as I understand it relates only to input.mozilla despite the mention of Sumo in the title and mention of sumo submissions in the summary.

The Firefox UI also and separately allows questions to be asked by the user in Sumo ( having a direct Sumo link within the help menu 
> New Button[≡] -> Help(?) -> Firefox Help -> -> *Ask A Question*  ...

I wonder if anyone has considered and would it be appropriate to file  additional bugs
1.) To allow this telemetry data to be optionally submitted with sumo *questions*.
  - attach full telemetry histograms etc as per comment 0
  - This would only be needed in some questions but does add context to those questions relating to Firefox being slow or using high amounts of memory etc. 

2.) To include in sumo questions whether or not telemetry is enabled
   - Possibly include the pref toolkit.telemetry.enabled in the list in the troubleshooting information about:support 
   - The pref is then within the scope of bug 732527 to at least show whether telemetry is on.
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