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Stop migrating Windows/IE SSL configuration (enabled versions of SSL and/or TLS)


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Windows 7
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Firefox 14


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Let's stop migrating the Windows/IE SSL configuration (whether SSL 3.0 is enabled and whether TLS 1.0 is enabled). We have good defaults in Firefox and we have compatibility logic that allows us to handle pretty much every server without requiring any configuration. (Every browser does.) There will be cases where we support newer versions of TLS than what the operating system supports (e.g. we will support TLS 1.1 when Windows XP doesn't), and it doesn't make sense to disable our TLS 1.1 support on Windows XP. It also doesn't make sense to maintain this code when our defaults work fine.
Felipe, I think we had already talked about this before. It would be useful to do this sooner than later, because it will simply adding TLS 1.1 support to Firefox.
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Stop migrating SSL version options from Windows/IE

This is fine. I've already removed this from the new migrator, but that most likely won't land for Fx 13, so if you want to get it sooner than we should take the patch.

Do you also need to remove these 2 settings: ?

While we are at it, if you want to remove the CopyProxyPreferences too, go ahead. I've also removed it from the new migrator
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Stop migrating SSL version options from Windows/IE

Na-na, na-na-na-na, hey-hey, goodbye.

I wouldn't worry too much about cleaning up the current migrator, hopefully we can get the new one landed for the next release. Much working going on in migratorland.
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To be fixed by the new IE migrator (bug 710895).
Depends on: 710895
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we don't import these settings anymore.
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