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(Reporter: Robert Kaiser, Assigned: laura)


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6 years ago
I have discussed Camino a bit with Josh on IRC in the light of bug 731738 (triggered by a mention of bug 735860) and had some discussion in bug 683427 recently with Smokey on that topic as well.

What's a fact is that we want to get rid of old TCBS and related stuff, and Camino is still on it, the other fact is that (however we feel about it) Camino is still around and doing new versions, so we should continue to support crash-stats for them somehow.

They don't use the buildbot automation others do, and seem to not follow the channel model, though I'd guess their *pre versions correspond to Nightly and the other versions to Releases.

We need to provide some way forward, if that means Smokey needs to put up files on FTP we can scrape, or he provides the necessary info on bugs (that we should handle swiftly then and not let linger like bug 731738), whatever we feel is best. The burden should not be on us to have a lot of work or drag the old stuff around forever, if there's any burden, it should be on Smokey and the Camino team - but we should tell him what he needs to do so things can keep working.

Laura, I'm assigning to you for any Socorro team decisions that need to be made there.


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Camino is closing shop.
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