Alt + left clicking a link should open the link




7 years ago
6 years ago


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Windows XP SP 3 32-bit, Firefox 14.0a1 nightly 2012-03-18

Since the implementation of bug 713052, alt + clicking it with the left mouse button doesn't trigger the download of the link anymore, but it also doesn't open the link, which has been mentioned as the expected behavior in bug 713052 (alt key was still/already pressed when the link had been clicked).

So Alt + left click should open the link (in the same tab, I guess).
Just remark: you can have intention just to put caret into link's text with alt+click for further (keyboard) selection [1]. This makes sense from my point of view, but your suggestion might be valid as well.

[1] but you for me it is not possible to _expand_ text selection inside link via alt+shift+click (shift+click opens new window), what makes my argument less valid. Maybe it is a bug?
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