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While debugging bug 736915 I tried to use --enable-dump-painting
but it crashed because there was a recursive call to 
nsLayoutUtils::PaintFrame which closed the gfxUtils::sDumpPaintFile
file and assigned it to NULL.

The attached patch is just a quick hack to avoid the crash, it might
be better to let recursive calls just use the currently open file
and not close it...
I ran into a crash as well, but when OMTC was enabled. In that case, the file was being opened on the main thread, but the images were trying to be written on the compositor thread. Unfortunately, the main thread closed the dump file before the compositor thread got around to writing the dump image.

I have a feeling that the dump file may need to change from being static to being passed around as part of a larger structure? That would also probably address the recursion problem as well.
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