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change Comments to roles::ROLENAME


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Not set





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INCLUDE file has comments that could be made more clear. 

See ::: accessible/src/mac/nsRoleMap.h and the below for example ...

@@ +166,5 @@
>    NSAccessibilityGroupRole,                     // ROLE_GRID_CELL
>    NSAccessibilityGroupRole,                     // ROLE_EMBEDDED_OBJECT
>    NSAccessibilityGroupRole,                     // ROLE_NOTE
>    NSAccessibilityGroupRole,                     // ROLE_FIGURE
> +  NSAccessibilityCheckBoxRole,                  // ROLE_CHECK_RICH_OPTION
Assignee: nobody → junky.argonaut
At the bottom of the file, accessible/src/mac/nsRoleMap.h has comments like:

At the bottom of accessible/src/atk/nsRoleMap.h has comments like:
// roles::CHECK_RICH_OPTION    125

for the matching role definition.

Make mac/ version comments look like the atk/ version

Usually you'll just change // ROLE_foo to be // roles::foo
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Attached patch First Patch. (obsolete) — Splinter Review
In the patch, you inserted two lines .... (title then a blank line) ... before the first role ... please remove them

+                                                // Cross Platform Roles        #      Description
+  NSAccessibilityUnknownRole,                   // roles::NOTHING              0
+  NSAccessibilityUnknownRole,                   // roles::TITLEBAR             1      (irrelevant on OS X; windows are always native.) 

My version of the nsrolemap.h file (before any changes you made) ends with these three entries ... your seems to have lost the CHECK_RICH_ OPTION entry ... did you start from the right file?

  NSAccessibilityGroupRole,                     // ROLE_FIGURE
  NSAccessibilityCheckBoxRole,                  // ROLE_CHECK_RICH_OPTION
  @"ROLE_LAST_ENTRY"                            // ROLE_LAST_ENTRY. bogus role th

Let me know ...
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Looks good with the previous requested changes, and the proper start file ..

You did a local build with this new .h file and that worked ok?
You ran the whole mochitest-a11y suite locally successfully?
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Updated Patch1

Review of attachment 611249 [details] [diff] [review]:

r=me, thank you (I'll fix nit before landing)

::: accessible/src/mac/nsRoleMap.h
@@ +88,5 @@
> +  NSAccessibilityButtonRole,                    // roles::PUSHBUTTON           43
> +  NSAccessibilityCheckBoxRole,                  // roles::CHECKBUTTON          44
> +  NSAccessibilityRadioButtonRole,               // roles::RADIOBUTTON          45
> +  NSAccessibilityPopUpButtonRole,               // roles::COMBOBOX             46
> +  NSAccessibilityPopUpButtonRole,               // roles::DROPLIST.            47

nit: get rid dot in the end
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Target Milestone: --- → mozilla14
This patch has landed in mozilla-central for Firefox 14, and will be included in tomorrow's nightly build.  Thank you!
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Its been a pleasure to work with you guys! Glad to see it out there.
You are welcome!
I will check the list out and let you know if I am interested in anything.
(In reply to Arjun from comment #11)
> You are welcome!
> I will check the list out and let you know if I am interested in anything.

ok, thanks again!
And this patch reverted a change made in changeset: 90162:fc9658fae44b


I was wondering why suddenly it was broken.

Bug 743114
Depends on: 743114
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