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Clean up documentation about improving build speed


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More specifically, is woefully out of date and rambling. We should rewrite it to cover how to do your own incremental builds by hand (with general tips such as "if you only modify stuff under browser/, just build browser/" and "you almost always need toolkit/library") and using my smartmake tool (
We also should be sure to investigate the current situation of pymake documentation, since that's a significant improvement with -jN on windows.
Also be sure to have clear instructions for turning on ccache if available.
Thanks, jdm!
The build instructions could esp. use some extensive description about how to re-build only parts of the tree, if I changed only one file and want to test it.
it's totally non-obvious (build content/, build layout/build/, build toolkit/library/), and changing constantly, but everybody needs it. It should be in a very prominent place.
This list should be on the doc page (and maintained):
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