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links not showing my colors


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Steps to reproduce:

I have set "my" colors to the following:

text: black
background: light grey
unvisited links: blue
visited links: red
use system colors is unchecked
underline links is unchecked
allow pages to choose their own colors instead of my colors is checked

Actual results:

visited links do not show as visited.

when I uncheck the "allow pages to choose..." the links appear as visited but a lot of other things like buttons do not appear and animated gifs do not animate.

Expected results:

I'm trying to think up a "rule" that would make this situation work.

Something like an expanded listing of fields/areas for coloring coupled with use everything else from the site. A merge of my options with "their" options might work well.

As it is now, "my" colors break Things like buttons disappear.
Thanks for filing.  Is it OK to mark this duplicate of bug 306625?
Component: Untriaged → Preferences
Whiteboard: DUPEME?

I suspect that this bug here is a slightly different aspect of 306625.

It HAS been a big pain in my rear end for some time. Some times icons on top of links are made by layered gifs (or some css magic) and these settings affect how that animation works as well (i.e., the animation does not work).

Severity: normal → S3
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