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back out keyword.URL prompting changes


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Bug 718088 implemented a prompt for users whose keyword.URL pref was user-set. In discussing the approach taken in that bug, Asa/Sheila/Kev and I decided that we should focus first on consolidating our search prefs and making search engine selection more intuitive, before we start actively prompting users.

We're going to investigate other ways to help users whose searches were hijacked, and so it makes sense to get our search configuration story into a better state before we use up precious user-prompting opportunities.
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This is a straight backout of the patches for bug 718088 and bug 736878, merged with the patch for bug 697006.
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r+, with the fixed indentation. :)

Please cc me on future bugs that come out of this further investigation of search prefs.

::: browser/components/nsBrowserGlue.js
@@ -289,3 @@
>          }
> -        break;
> -    }

I think you might have removed the wrong closing brace, but syntactically it happened to work, or at least that's what Mercurial is telling me. :P Either way, please fix the indentation.
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Please prepare a backout for Aurora 13 as well. Thanks!
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Bug 736878 didn't land on Aurora, so this is a clean backout of the original patch for bug 718088 (again, merged with bug 697006, and the brace merging issue fixed!).
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aurora backout

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Approved for Aurora 13.
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This changed strings, but only removed them, so this is fine. Worth calling that out, though.
Not sure if this is anything QA needs to verify so marking [qa-]. Please add [qa+] if there is something we can do here.
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